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Hi, I'm Evelyn Le. I am currently based in DC. I taught myself how to program and built this website from scratch.

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Email: evelyn.le.2019@gmail.com | Location: Washington, D.C

My Portfolio

Check out my projects below.


Craigslist Clone

I built a Craigslist Clone using Django.


I built a basic calculator using JavaScript.

Web Server

I built a web server to store data retrieved from a browser using Flask.

Twitter Bot

I built a Twitter bot that likes other tweets and follows back certain followers.

Weather App

This app provides the temperatures (F) in all cities in the US (using Flask).

Task Master

This app helps you stay on top of your daily tasks (using Flask).

Machine Learning

Image Recognition

I built an image recognition app using imageAI, TensorFlow, Keras, and OpenCV.

Categorizing Iris Flowers

I built an app that categorizes Iris flowers using the Nearest Neighbors algorithm and scikit-learn.

Data Visualization

World Cup Goals

I used Matplotlib, Pandas, and Seaborn (Python) to visualize data.

Scraping NewEgg

I used the Python library Beautiful Soup to scrape NewEgg.com.

Scraping Hacker News

I used Beautiful Soup to scrape news on Hacker News.


Trivia Game

I built a game about famous female programmers using jQuery.